Solar Home

Benefits of Getting Solar for My Home

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Harness the power of the sun! A solar PV panel installation combined with the Net Metering program allows you to earn credits from the excess energy generated, which reduces the amount of electricity you pay each month / from your electric utility.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar PV panels, having no moving parts, are very easy to maintain, requiring only cleaning of dust and debris that might block out sunlight, and periodic checking of the wiring and components. If you feel like you need professional maintenance, we can offer an operation and maintenance package, as well as a range of insurance products to protect your investment

Improve Your Quality of Life

The Philippines suffers from high levels of environmental pollution largely due to greenhouse gas emissions. You can contribute and help reduce the carbon footprint caused by burning fossil fuels through going solar. You and your loved ones deserve a clean environment to work and play in.

Solar Plan

Outright Purchase

Outright purchase of solar PV panels generally gives you more savings than any other financing method. Solar PV panels are a great long-term investment, especially since they require so little maintenance.

It is ideal if:

  1. You own the property; or
  2. You are on a lease for at least 20 years; or
  3. You are willing to pay upfront to yield higher savings.

Pair Solar With These MERALCO Programs


The Net-Metering (N-M) program is designed to benefit you with lower electricity bills from the avoided or reduced power that you draw/purchase from the grid. Also, an added benefit to this program is your ability to earn bill credits on your electric bill, by exporting unused or excess electricity generated by your solar PV panels back to the utility grid.

The maximum allowed generating capacity under the N-M Rules is 100 kW, subject to technical considerations. As such, any solar installation that is beyond 100kW is currently not eligible for the Net-Metering service.

Day Time

  • Sunlight hits the rooftop solar PV panels
  • Inverters connected to the photovoltaic (PV) panels will convert DC electricity voltage from the PV panel to the AC electricity voltage suitable for your home or building requirements
  • Solar energy is used to power your appliances. If the energy generated is not enough, your premises will still receive power from the power utility to make up the difference.
  • Unused or excess energy can be exported back to the grid. This energy will be credited to your next month’s electrical bill, thereby lowering the total cost

Night Time or Cloudy Days

  • Electricity during night time or cloudy days is sourced from the power utility unless battery storage is available.
Peak / Off-Peak (POP)

Meralco’s Peak / Off-Peak (POP) program (formerly known as “Time of Use” or “TOU”) is a demand response pricing scheme that is based on the time of day that electricity is generated and on the cost of supplying electricity during that time. With this pricing scheme, Meralco customers can avail of lower generation costs in their total electricity rate during pre-defined off-peak hours:

Monday to Saturday 8 am to 9 pm (13 hours) 9 pm to 8 am (11 hours)
Sunday 6 pm to 8 pm (2 hours) 8 pm to 6 pm (22 hours)

Compared to standard rates, the POP program more accurately reflects the cost of electricity generation during specific time periods.

For further information on Meralco’s Peak/Off-Peak program, visit our microsites by clicking on these links: Biz and Corporate

How to Apply


Contact Spectrum

Give us a call at (632) 887-6527 or send us an email at


Submit Your Documents

Submit a scanned copy of each of the following documents to
  • Your home's roof plan
  • Your home's structural plan
  • Your home's single line diagram (a diagram showing the electrical map of your house)
  • Your last 12 months of MERALCO bills


Allow Us to Inspect Your Premises

Our engineers will schedule a visit to your home to determine what kind of solar installation will be best for you.



We will send you a proposal containing the design of your future solar installation, its overall cost, and financing plan. Once in agreement with the terms and details, just send us the signed conforme.


Net-Metering Application

We will take care of all paperwork necessary for your home's application to MERALCO's net-metering program.



Solar installation will take place.



Congratulations! Your home is now solar powered!