Sustainability Through Solar: Spectrum contributes to Toyota’s Plant Carbon Neutrality Goal

Sustainability Through Solar:  Spectrum contributes to Toyota’s Plant Carbon Neutrality Goal

Part of the recently added 460kWp solar installation that supplements Toyota Motor Philippines' existing 1MW solar PV system.

As part of Toyota’s sustainability journey, they tapped Spectrum to add another 460kWp solar facility to their existing 1MW solar installation in their Headquarters in Sta. Rosa Laguna. Both solar projects contribute to their parent company Toyota Motor Corporation’s global goal of ensuring carbon neutrality among their manufacturing plants by 2035.

The recently added 460kWp solar installation is expected to generate approximately 625,700 kWh of clean energy per year which would translate to an estimated annual savings of around PHP3.5 million.

It is also expected to result in an estimated 446 metric tons of carbon emission reduction which is equivalent to around 900,000 trees planted over 20 years or 1,780,000 kilometers less in vehicle travel per year.

Prior to the 460kWp installation, Toyota already had a 1,016.4 kWp solar panel system which as greatly contributed to their sustainability journey as it has generated at least 4,753,561.58 kWh of clean energy since the start of its operations, amounting to about PHP31.6 million in energy cost savings and almost 3,400 metric tons of carbon footprint reduction.

“I am extremely proud of the work that the TMP Solar Project Team, Meralco, and Spectrum have been doing for several months to complete this expansion project and achieve full operation. For TMP, I am confident to say that Plant Carbon Neutrality by 2035 is possible,” TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto said.

“Through stronger collaboration within the Toyota network, we will continue to work hand-in-hand with our stakeholders to achieve Plant Carbon Neutrality and our Toyota Environmental Challenge (TEC) 2050 targets. Our global vision may be ambitious, but we will continue to challenge ourselves to ‘move our world’ by creating a net positive impact and a more sustainable society for future generations,” he added.

For its part, Spectrum pledges to continue supporting Toyota in its push towards energy efficiency and utilization of clean energy technologies.

“We would like to thank TMP for continually trusting Spectrum with its solar energy needs. We have been in partnership with Toyota since 2018 and now, we are celebrating a huge milestone with the expansion of their original solar array. With this, the clean energy that TMP will generate will increase by approximately 16% per annum,” Spectrum COO Patrick Henry Panlilio said.

“Toyota’s global goal of making its manufacturing plants carbon-neutral by 2035 is fully supported by Spectrum. Now, more than ever, incorporating alternative sources of energy is one of the best ways to save in electrical costs and increase operational efficiencies. Spectrum will always be here to provide world-class service, top-of-the line products, and endless support to empower Toyota as they move forward in their journey towards a cleaner and greener future,” he added.

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